Wednesday 22 September 2010

Circus McGurkus inspired Illustration Friday.

This weeks Illustration Friday's theme is 'Acrobat'

Well,little Larry the Lemur is always pretending to be a circus performer, right now he's imagining he's an acrobat balancing precariously on the tight rope at dizzying heights, never before seen, in the big top of the stupendous tremendous Circus McGurkus.
And drum roll.....


Sally Taylor said...

Larry is a convincing circus performer! Cute Lemur!. :)

Juniper said...

Looking good, Larry ;-)

Thanks for introducing me to Illustration Friday - who knows I might even have a go at some of them if I'm brave enough!


Elizabeth Seaver said...

Oh, I love Larry the Lemur. He is fabulous and SO brave! (He doesn't have wings, after all!)

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such kind words!

Ginny said...

I love this series of lemur paintings you're doing! They are such fun, and great colors. One thing I notice is the way you did the shadows and light and made a spotlight on him, it really makes it pop!

yisin said...

Love little Larry..Love lemur~~ and i like the way you put a spotlight on him :D

Bella Sinclair said...

Oh, that's GREAT! Love that blue. And the soft-focus background and spotlight are awesome! How'd you do that!

janie said...

Larry is delighted with your comments, and I'm rather pleased myself! thank you.

Juniper, you must definitely join in, no pressure !!

Bella, the background was done in photo shop and the lemur is a watercolor scanned into photoshop.
So the soft-focus is a filter called gaussian blur and then there's a filter called Render that gives you lighting effects.
All at the touch of a key board, magic:)

Juniper said...
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Juniper said...

I did it... (GULP!!)

Thanks for the encouragement ;-)


Juniper said...

Hi, I have awarded your blog an - er - award! You can find the details in my latest post 24 Sept.

Dreams and Reality

Thanks for a great blog! I look forward to seeing Larry in his next pose ;-)