Tuesday 28 September 2010

Old fashioned pram in applique

Illustration Friday's topic this week is 'Old Fashioned'
I nearly did a self portrait as I'm feeling a little out of date and out of touch with what's hip today!
There, see, I bet nobody says 'hip' anymore.
Well as you can see I went for an easier option, an old fashioned pram in applique.
If only I had an old fashioned Nanny to go with it, I might even get round to sewing it all together:)


Ginny said...

Oh, this is too adorable! It is so colorful and pretty. So it is not sewn onto the background? It looks all finished to me!

Duncan said...

Looks finished to me too, I like the colours - looks a lot more sturdy than some of todays prams.- - now there I'm showing my age and I use the word "hip" too,

Thanks for the comment.

Juniper said...

"It's hip to be square"!

I absolutely love the pram, Janie; it looks so warm and snuggly!

And the little flowers on the wheels are fab.


Nicky Linzey said...

Beautiful, it looks so warm and cosy - I could get in!

Carmi said...

Few icons soothe me more than the sight of a pram. There's something about it that no supposedly modern stroller - or "baby carriage system" - can match.

I love this.

BTW, the new Thematic theme is up. This is going to be "parallel" week. You in?