Saturday 18 September 2010

Old celadon Lister generator

The theme is 'letters' this week on
Thematic Photographic
This is a photo of an old broken down abandoned Lister generator, well a piece of it anyway.
The reason it caught my eye is that the crackle of the enamel reminded me of the beautiful Chinese celadon pottery .
And I liked the backwards letters!


Twain12 said...

had look up what it is, but i agree it is beautiful

J.J. said...

I like this, how odd that the letters are backwards.

Ginny said...

Hi, Janie! I was just checking a few back posts, and saw your comment. Thank you for visiting me! Your blog is absolutly delightful!!! I am loving your artwork, it is humerous, witty, and precise, and pretty to look at. I also like the way you see things. You see art in things where most people don't, like this generator! I've been looking at a few back posts. Did you do the man with the lightening? We both LOVE Neil Young and Dire Straits! Mark Knopfler did some even better albums after he left the group. You are a new mom? Your baby is very lucky to have a mom who will show her things in the world that no one else will see.