Sunday 26 September 2010

Still life in black and white

This maybe taking the Thematic Photographic theme Still Life a little too literally!
A couple of dead things(a butterfly and a daddylong legs) and a scull on a bed of feathers, taken to the extreme in photoshop.
I may have got a bit carried away but it was great fun!


Juniper said...

I like it, and its extremities! ;-)

I bought a copy of photoshop a couple of years ago but never had the patience to sit and master it. I like the way you use it.


Ginny said...

Oh, my, who would have thought taking away the pretty colors and making this butterfly black and white could be so stunning! It almost reminds me of one of those old black and white Japanese paintings that are so artistic.

Carmi said...

I'm glad you got carried away :) I think this is a perfect way to interpret the theme - I chose it specifically because I knew everyone would have a slightly different way of defining "still life". Glad you took it to heart, because this photo is divinely memorable - and very much begging for a repeat, deeper visit.

janie said...

Juniper, I actually learn something new every time I use photoshop, well learn is a bit of a stretch, stumble across would be more accurate, and then promptly forget what steps I've taken, but you know it's an adventure every time then:)

Ginny, I'm delighted you like it.

Carmi, thank you for thematic photographic, I really enjoy taking part. You are so encouraging in your comments.

Leonie Guld said...

Hi Janie, I am writing to ask permission to use one of your images and credit it back to you on my blog. Your Dandelion sketch is GORGEOUS and I would love to use it in my blog header. I have designed it and popped it up. If you would like it removed please yell out and I will delete it in a FLASH. Please get back to me if you find this unsavory in anyway. Thanks Leonie