Wednesday 8 September 2010

Illustration Friday "Dessert"

Yippee, banana split for tea! His favorite dessert.

I'm still trying to develop a style, and work on backgrounds which I find really difficult. So this week the lemur was done in watercolour and then put into photoshop for the background.
I'm not sure if the two work together, what do you think?


dosankodebbie said...

Awesome! Not something I get to see everyday.

mansuetude said...

vivid, memorable, too

though a bannana split i can not
can not do!

J.J. said...

So, did you paint them separately and put them together in photoshop? interesting... and it means you can put anything you like on to the same background without having to repaint it each time ;-)

janie said...

Thanks for the feed back.

J.J thanks for the tip, hadn't thought of doing it that way, I did the background in photoshop but didn't think to save it separately before merging with the lemur, duh.